Recording the Underground of Pop Culture One Show at a Time

Sleeper Pick Review – Blue Ruin

Throughout the years of Traumatic Cinematic we have explored a wide variety of films and genres. For the most part our opinions on the films have varied and a handful

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Beyond Fest Recap: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Live Re-score

By Eduardo Victoria @eduardovictory Last night’s screening of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was insane. Literally so crazy that it was almost stopped from happening, even as nearly 600 people sat

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The Answer Key to the Exam

Once again the Traumatic Trio brings you 60 + minutes of opinion and fun! This week the guys tackle the Exam and all were tested to their limits! Tune in

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Central Coast Comic Con Returns For Its Sophomore Year in Ventura, CA

By Eduardo Victoria @eduardovictory Central Coast Comic Con, nicknamed C4, is returning September 12th – 14th to the Ventura County Fair Grounds this year. The convention, in its sophomore year,

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Full Beyond Fest Schedule Announced, To Include Appearances by Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, Nicolas Winding Refn

By Eduardo Victoria @eduardovictory Last year, Los Angeles was given something dark, evil, and grandiose… Beyond Fest was the brainchild in part of Spencer Hickman, CEO of Death Waltz Records.

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All Cheerleaders Die (2013) Discussion

 Welcome back once again folks! We are proud to share with you all our freshest show right off of the assembly line. This week we watched the indie film All

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Slasher Classics: A Review of Night School

In the era following Halloween, an array of slasher pictures began to spring up turning every holiday and mundane places into gory nightmares with murderers behind every corner. Night School is one of the films that exploits what made John Carpenter’s film exceptional. Released in 1981, it’s a contemporary of Halloween II, Happy Birthday To Me, and Friday the 13th. A young woman is murdered in the yard of the elementary school where she worked

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True Guerrilla Film Production – Escape From Tomorrow

I would not call myself an avid follower of guerrilla film production but it does naturally become part of most micro budget filmmaking. Following the indie horror scene for a while I have become accustomed to certain things but this weeks film was something different. Keith was up to bat and his film choice was the black and white film Escape from Tomorrow. For those of you that are unaware this film was shot secretly

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Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

The going trend in Hollywood is remaking films that were capable of holding up well over time on their own. I have been on the fence with this since the new Maniac was amazing and some others (which I won’t mention) have actually been well done. A film like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it’s sequels were never known as a timeless classics nor have the rubber turtle suits held up over time.  So here

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Remembering Robin Williams

Typically on the Traumatic Cinematic show we strive to keep things lighthearted and the mood bright. Due to recent events with the passing of actor Robin Williams the Trio felt it was important to take a look back on the life of one of our generations greatest positive personality. Tune in and open you soul while we share our favorite moments, films, and appearances of this unique individual. Check out and follow the Traumatic Trio

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