Recording the Underground of Pop Culture One Show at a Time

True Guerrilla Film Production – Escape From Tomorrow

I would not call myself an avid follower of guerrilla film production but it does naturally become part of most micro budget filmmaking. Following the indie horror scene for a

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Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

The going trend in Hollywood is remaking films that were capable of holding up well over time on their own. I have been on the fence with this since the

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Remembering Robin Williams

Typically on the Traumatic Cinematic show we strive to keep things lighthearted and the mood bright. Due to recent events with the passing of actor Robin Williams the Trio felt

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Gen Con 2014 Coverage from Sharna Decker

Gen Con 2014, Indianapolis Convention Center, August 14th – 17th Written by Sharna K. Decker GEN CON!!!!! (Say it with a Thundering Echo!!). GEN CON is short for “Geneva Convention.”

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Getting WIZE on Chillerama

Welcome back again folks for another action packed episode this week. Keith was still away on his “special vacation” and in his place was Corey Miller of 3 Wizemen Productions.

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Discussing Monty Python Live (mostly) – 1 Down 5 to Go

For the second week in a row the Traumatic Trio (mostly) have gone outside of the box with a unique experience to share during the show. We ventured out once

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This Week with the Traumatic Trio (mostly) 7-31-14

Folks I am pleased to share with you all the resurrection of an old show that has always been one of our more enjoyable programs to produce. This Week is a LIVE show that broadcasts at 10 PM every Thursday evening exclusively on the 2nd Unit Broadcast Network. We cover any topic and keep it lively with special guests, call ins, interviews, and 5 silly questions. Check out this weeks This Week broadcast right here.

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Opinions from a Van in a Parking Lot about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

“What happens in the van stays in the van!” said Lewis. “What about the 60 minute recording on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes we have?” asked Mike. “They won’t tell anyone.. They all know what happened to the LAST group of listeners!” scoffed Lewis with evil undertones. Confessions from a dark van alone in the back of a dark mall parking lot…. That is what the onlookers probably thought was going on when

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Confessions Of A Twin Peaks Virgin

By Eduardo Victoria Being a picture quality nazi, I don’t find myself using streaming services too often. So this means that my access to Amazon Instant Stream is often ignored or overlooked altogether. My feelings toward streaming have changed in the last few years, but my love of physical media has not. There is no greater feeling than shopping for a DVD or Blu-Ray, or any disc or medium to read or listen to music

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Getting Serious about World Police

*** REMEMBER Traumatic Cinematic broadcasts LIVE every THURSDAY evening starting at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. We broadcast multiple new shows, a music show, a LIVE THIS WEEK SHOW at 10 pm EDT, and finish the night off with the newest Traumatic Cinematic review show. Tune in on you phone, tablet, even a computer *** I will admit that this episode is a first in Traumatic Cinematic history…. Never before have a Traumatic Trio delved as

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